What People Say

Thomas Campbell, Former Mayor of Idaho Falls

“It is my pleasure to endorse Jim Freeman for the Idaho Falls City Council.  I have known Jim and his family for many years.  He served in the fire department when I was the mayor.  He not only served well, but showed great leadership skills.  He understands the workings of the city and has the kind of personality that allows him to get things done while still being respectful to those who differ in opinion.

There are not many families who have contributed so much to the city as the Freeman family.  I served side by side with Jim Freeman senior and was acquainted with Russ Freeman and the contributions he made.  I am anxious to see another Freeman in a leadership position.

If we are looking for honesty, hard work and knowledge of what needs to be done, then Jim Freeman is the best choice.  What a great opportunity we have to elect this well prepared and deserving man.  Please vote for Jim Freeman.”

Mel Erickson, Former Idaho Falls City Council Member

“I am honored to support Jim Freeman for the Idaho Falls City Council.  Idaho Falls did not become the city we love today by chance.  For decades we have had city leaders with vision and integrity. 

Jim’s grandfather Russell Freeman, who Freeman Park is named after, was a driving force to create our green belt and reclaim the city landfill and turn it into the beautiful park that we all enjoy today.  Jim’s father, Jim Freeman senior, served on the City Council as the Chairman of Parks and Recreation, as well as Chairman of Police and Fire.

The Freeman family has a stellar legacy of service to our great city.  We need capable leaders with vision to keep Idaho Falls healthy economically, to keep us safe and to keep this a great place to raise our families.

I’m confident Jim will contribute to moving Idaho Falls forward in the best interest of all our citizens. Join me and vote for Jim Freeman to continue his family legacy of service.”

Ida Hardcastle, Former Idaho Falls City Council Member

“I have known Jim Freeman for many years and have often encouraged him to run for City Council.  I am excited that he is running now and I know he will bring enthusiasm to the Idaho Falls City Council.  When I was on City Council, Jim was with the Idaho Falls Fire Department and he was an excellent employee and leader.  Jim shares my attitude about the importance of the quality of life in Idaho Falls for all citizens.  Please join me and vote for Jim this Election Day, November 7th.”

Mike Lehto, Former Idaho Falls City Council Member

“I would like to add my name to the growing list of folks that endorse Jim Freeman for the Idaho Falls City Council.  I have known Jim for many years and have had the privilege of working with him on many community projects.

Jim is a life-long resident of our city who faithfully serves his community and works to improve our quality of life.  Jim’s dedication, integrity and work ethic will make him an excellent City Council member.

Please join me in casting your vote for Jim Freeman for Idaho Falls City Council seat 6 this Tuesday.”

Linda Milam, Former Mayor of Idaho Falls

“Idaho Falls has a long, and in many ways, unique history of investment in the future and providing a wide variety of services effectively and efficiently.  Today, we are the beneficiaries of that tradition.  It is important that we have a city government that continues to look ahead, anticipating and planning for future needs, while maintaining the critical services we have created in the past. I am supporting Jim Freeman for the Idaho Falls City Council because I believe he will continue this proud tradition.”

Anne Voilleque

“Jim has been an active member of this wonderful community all his life. We served together on the Mayor’s Citizen Review Committee for Parks and Recreation starting in 2015. He was extraordinary in his  contributions, knowledge, experiences and the inner workings of this vast city enterprise. On every visit to every department he was met by old friends and work mates. Folks who have known him for decades as a contributor to the growth and beauty of Idaho Falls. His family, his roots and his diligence place him in the most qualified column for a seat on the Idaho Falls City Council. I am so pleased he is in this race. You will not be disappointed in his service and outreach.”